Licensing in NV help requested - Posted by ScottC (NV)

Posted by jeff king on December 10, 2002 at 17:25:30:

i live in las vegas and have read the regs you have cited. the exempt status is what i have understood. best to check with lawyer who is in real estate. i want to do lonnie deals myself and am reading the DOW books right now. email me to start correspondence.

Licensing in NV help requested - Posted by ScottC (NV)

Posted by ScottC (NV) on December 09, 2002 at 15:20:33:

I live in NV, and I’m going to start doing “Lonnie Deals”. I’m looking into licensing at the moment, and I’m having the toughest time trying to straighten out whether I’m required to get a mobile home license here in Nevada.

The relevant statutes to mobile home transactions in Nevada is NRS Chapter 489: Mobile Homes and similar vehicles; Manufactured homes ( NRS: CHAPTER 489 - MANUFACTURED HOMES; MOBILE HOMES AND SIMILAR VEHICLES; FACTORY-BUILT HOUSING ). Doing “Lonnie Deals”, I can be pretty sure I wouldn’t fall under the definiton of “salesman” (See NRS 489.137 at the website above), but I’m not sure whether I’d fall under the definition of “dealer” (NRS 489.076).

If I’m buying the home, and then turning around and selling it myself, is this considered selling my private residence, which exempts me?

I’d appreciate any help, especially from those who are familiar with Nevada regulations on mobile homes.