Legality with Letters of Intent - Posted by Craig

Posted by JoeS on July 23, 2002 at 06:52:59:

It all depends on the wording in the contract between Realtor and seller. If the seller specifies that “No offer less than $XXX will be presented” then the agent will politely tell a buyer that if the buyer comes in with an offer less than the sellers bottom line.

The ethical and legal way to do this would be for an agent to both tell and show a buyer the listing agreement. Unethical practises by agents are done at times and are hard to prove. If I feel that I am dealing with one of these types of agents who listed a property I am trying to buy, then i will specify in MY purchase contract that “Buyer will be present for presenting of offer to seller.”

Agents usually do not like this. Too bad. If I do present a LOI instead of a formal offer it is usually with a seller of a FSBO where I can be a bit more creative and they can be more flexible (sometimes).

Legality with Letters of Intent - Posted by Craig

Posted by Craig on July 22, 2002 at 17:02:00:

Hey All,
Mr. Sheets suggests in his No Down Payment system to submit a Letter of Intent rather than a formal offer to see if the seller is a willing particpant. I was advised today that, although an agent will accept a LOI, he/she is not required to present this to the seller if it appears to be outrageous. I searched the archives and some others mentioned that only offers are required to be presented. I am in the state of N.C. Any suggestions?