Lease Purchasing - Posted by JS62423

Posted by Jim FL on October 27, 2004 at 14:56:27:

I’ll admit, I kind of chuckle when I hear this from people.
There are ‘hot markets’ and not-so-hot markets.
Bottom line is this, in EVERY single market I’ve either personally worked, or helped others work, there are motivated sellers.
People get divorced, lose jobs, transfer, get tired of landlording, need cash etc.
These are the folks where creative investing works best.
How do you find them?
I don’t, they find me.
Marketing is the key.
If you are calling FSBO’s and FRBO’s from the paper and yard signs, you will find that most are NOT motivated, thus the reaction you got when offering a L/O.

Deal with people who need immediate relief, from what ever problem they are facing with the property.
If you can provide a solution that works, while making a profit, a deal is born, simple as that.

Take a look here at the articles published, there are some about marketing and finding motivated sellers.
I’d suggest you read those and implement some marketing to get the phone ringing.
Life in this business is MUCH easier when people call you looking to sell.

Jim FL

Lease Purchasing - Posted by JS62423

Posted by JS62423 on October 27, 2004 at 14:44:25:

Can a market be too hot for this type of solution? I’ll admit I’m new to this type of thing, but I’ve spoken to several owners who laugh at the idea because they can sell their house in one day, so they say why should I give you control over my house so you can make money.

I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced this same situation.