lease purchase - Posted by teresa harnden

Posted by ToolBar_SC on December 29, 2000 at 14:59:05:

The courses on this site are well worth the money, if you are looking to become an investor. If all you are interested in is doing a single Lease Option for a home of your own and not becoming an investor, I’d suggest going to your local bookstore and buying an over the counter Lease Option book. This will give you the very basic background you will need to understand the terms and what is being done.

As far as you going out and doing this for yourself, I’d recommend you get in touch with a local investor and work through them.

If you are determined to do this yourself then I’d recommend you invest in your future. This investment takes time and money. Buy several books and courses, read this and other CRE boards daily, and when you understand the terms and techniques that is being posted on this and other CRE boards you are half way there. Once you apply what you know then you’ve made it through the other half and those $200+ courses will be able to be bought without any problems at all.

Best of Luck


lease purchase - Posted by teresa harnden

Posted by teresa harnden on December 29, 2000 at 13:53:07:

Hello, I am interested in finding a home for my husband and I to lease purchase, for our own personally use. I was going to order carlton sheats program. But while searching for carlton sheats, I came across this sight. Now I am confused in what program to buy to learn as much as i possibly can about how we can purchase a nice home with no money down and at an affordable price…I noticed the lease options programs on this sight are 599.00, this amount my husband will just not let me pay, the 200 + sheats wants for his program, my husband is having problems with.
We own a double wide trailor now, in a neighborhood that is fastly becoming run down, tacoma washington is where we live. He wants to keep the home we have now and rent it out for about double of what our paym’t and insurance is on it now…I would really appreciate help in the best lease option program for the money.

Much Thanks