Leaky metal roof: Roof cement or roof coating? - Posted by c-dawg

Posted by John on May 02, 2005 at 09:45:34:

Hey C,

Where in Northern Virginia did you find the home? I live in Washington D.C. and have had a hard time finding anything below 5k.

As for the roof. Just coat it, it’s cheaper, the park owners usually don’t inspect it, and it’s easier.


Leaky metal roof: Roof cement or roof coating? - Posted by c-dawg

Posted by c-dawg on May 02, 2005 at 08:34:48:

Quick question on minor roof maintenance/repair: Do I just use the aluminum roof coating or do I use the roof cement with the asphalt impregnated glass membrane tape method?

I will be focusing on the J-rail and some of the seams of my metal roof. I climbed up to check out the roof condition and saw that some of the seams had hairline cracks in the aluminum coating. The roof was coated by the previous owner in summer 2004; overall it looks good. On the inside, there are obvious water-leak stains at specific points along the perimeter walls. Before I Killz (original oil-based is fine, right?) it, I want to try to stop some of the leakage.

I’m leaning towards using the cement and tape method, but I’m confused how I would do that along the J-rail (which was mostly full of debris).

btw, to anyone that remembers, I’m the 24-yr old guy that bought a Lonnie deal and decided to moved into it because i wanted to live in my own place but couldn’t afford anything in my area (Northern VA). I took possession yesterday and started my major renovations (floors) before I completely move in. Still haven’t had a chance to say hello to the neighbors, but hopefully later today I will.

Thanks for your input and all your support.


Re: Leaky metal roof: Roof cement or roof coating? - Posted by Chris Reuman (Maine)

Posted by Chris Reuman (Maine) on May 03, 2005 at 22:50:09:

Floors - find the urine stains with a blacklight. Neutralize the stains with Nature’s Miracle - check pet store, harware store. Cover with Saran Wrap, to keep from evaporating. Seal the whole floor with oil base KILZ. You will thank me on a hot summer day, when old p*iss tends to be the ripest.

Best investing, Chris

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