L/O courses - Posted by JLM

Posted by Bob on November 15, 1998 at 09:29:57:

I just bought Claude Diamond’s one year course Thursday (11/12/98). I looked at Stefanchik and didn’t like the high pressure sales by the employee in Salt Lake City. He would call at least twice a week (over a month) and really got excited when I thought my financing would not take place.
I went with Claude for the personal mentoring (one on one). I have looked at many real estate seminars…have tons of books and tapes…never felt comfortable in even trying.
Any words of wisdom? I have really enjoyed this site.
Bob (Houston)

L/O courses - Posted by JLM

Posted by JLM on November 05, 1998 at 22:02:25:

Just curious as to what courses the more experienced L/O have bought. Opinions on Diamond and Bronchik would be appreciated.


Re: L/O courses - Posted by walt

Posted by walt on November 18, 1998 at 16:09:02:

Claude’s course is rated number one by everyone and has the highest success rate of any training program.

Re: L/O courses - Posted by Kev_NC

Posted by Kev_NC on November 06, 1998 at 10:53:33:

I have Bronchick’s. It is very good and I now use his forms. I heard Joe Kaiser’s course is also very good but I haven’t seen it.