Just bought a building, need help!

Just bought a 4 unit apt. building in OH and having an issue!

I bought it as of Feb. 1st, however, 2 of the tenants claim they paid the old owner the rent already for Feb and refuse to pay me. I tried getting in touch with old owner, he claims they didnt pay him and basically wont speak w me further. Lets assume they DID pay , what recourse do I have against the old owner who refuses to take my calls?

What do I do?

Thanks in advance.

let it go.

If you didnt get it at closing it doesnt matter. Either evict the tennants or give the benefit of the doubt. Better watch them close. No mercy for future issues for them. At least until they earn some benefits.

Yeah you shouldve just gotten credits from the old owner at closing.

Id file 10 day notices if the tenants cant prove they paid the old owner.

If they prove they did pay him then Id file a small claims case on the owner if he is unwilling to pay you.