Judah K... - Posted by ToddG

Posted by TonyK on December 13, 2003 at 12:18:39:

Of course Judah is answering a lot of questions on lease options. Judah has something to sell. Haven’t you noticed the signature included in every reply??

Judah K… - Posted by ToddG

Posted by ToddG on December 13, 2003 at 08:20:51:


You seem to be answering many L/O questions, so here is mine:

When I Lease option a property I assume there must be an addendum to allow subtenants? Also, Let us suppose I get a seller to Lease option, and I find some one to sublease the property. What am I liable for ( if anyting ) since I have a subtenant? What if someone is injured on the property or damage occurs to the property? Am I or the subtenant liable?

Yes, I am brand spankin’ new to RE investing and still at the research stage. I am waiting for Ron Legrand’s Cash Flow System’s Wholesale/Retail, FSBO, and Lease Option set. Any advice for someone starting up would be swell. L/O and Flipping has my attention for now and I am considering an LLC for part-time business with the hopes of making it full-time.

TIA and Happy Holidays to you,