John Stefanchik - Posted by Myron

Posted by Becky Martinovich on June 29, 1999 at 12:36:49:

I got a letter from him and would just like to know if this is on the up and up and could I get more info about what it is beforee I do it. I am wary of being defrauded. Thank you, Becky Martinovich

John Stefanchik - Posted by Myron

Posted by Myron on March 24, 1999 at 11:32:15:

Does his ideas produce big results?

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Posted by DanM(OR) on March 24, 1999 at 18:04:00:


Michael is right! He could have wrote that same response to a Larry Pino question. I was in a hotel last week on business that just so happened to be having a FREE Larry Pino presentation. I had to sit on my hands for most of it because most of the CREATIVE questions I learned to ask from John blew the presenter away. They do nothing creative and mainly train Notebrokers. I am under the impression that the real money they make is also the Tuition. Which happens to be $7995.

John once said that you can judge a course by the price. The less you pay the more you get(some kind of inverse relationship). I am sure that this is true with John’s course. I will receive, soon I hope, everything that John has ever produced I think, for only $445. Somebody slap me, I still can’t believe it.

Bottom Line: Don’t waste your time looking at the rest, when you have already found the best in the business. Anybody who knows anything about creative note dealings knows that Mr. Behle is one of the foremost educators in the business.

This is my totally sincere opinion and should not be construed as an ad.

Your friendly want-to-be note tycoon in Oregon,

Dan Matejsek

Re: John Stefanchik - Posted by Michael Murray

Posted by Michael Murray on March 24, 1999 at 13:03:03:

I am sure John will try to graciously give you his opinion about a competitor, but you are putting him in an undesirable position when you ask. But, since this is an open forum, I will assume you intended the question to be posed to the regular visitors of this forum. Let me take a crack at a critique of Mr. Stefanchick.

He seems to be a very honest and sincere person. I have his book WEALTH WITHOUT BOUNDARIES: The Inside Secrets and his video of a live seminar entitled “Profits with Paper”. He is a dynamic and interesting speaker and explains the basics of the paper business well, up to a point. His ideas and systems really will work if you are willing to accept a mediocre income from notes. His approach is largely geared toward selling his system and mentoring program for several thousands of dollars so he can teach you to find notes and present them to his organization to buy. Where the plan breaks down is when you learn that all of the other beginning seminar graduates in the country are out there saturating the market with the same methods that he proposes. Spending your day at the courthouse gathering addresses, then sending out hundreds of post cards or letters to the same people the rest of the uninformed graduates are sending to seems to be a very unproductive and low-profit system of finding notes to buy. I do not know this from experience, just from listening to others who have tried that approach. Here’s the odd thing, I asked a representative (salesman) from his organization if they would be interested in buying notes which I had located on my own. He told me they would not, only if I paid the thousands to be one of their students. Go figure! Are they in the note business or the tuition business?

My advice to you is to stick with the teachings of John Behle. Learn to find the best, most profitable notes which very few other people know how to find and how to profit the most. Join me, I plan to sit at the feet of the master in this business until I know all he does. The rest of those poor schmucks out there can keep dinking around for small potatoes while the rest of us are out there kicking butt.

Hope this helps,
Michael Murray

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Posted by Natale Vittori on May 19, 1999 at 09:26:58:

Dear Sir :
Could you please send me by email the toll free telephone of the Stefanchik organization in Utha.