Its starting to look like a trend! - Posted by Karl

Posted by Michael R. Gaskin on September 29, 1999 at 23:27:01:

soooooo true!!!

Its starting to look like a trend! - Posted by Karl

Posted by Karl on September 29, 1999 at 16:46:55:

I’m starting to see a trend with a lot of the contributors to these news groups. There seems to be many folks out there like me.

About 4 years ago I purchased the Carlton Sheets program. I was always interested in REI, and his program got me very excited. But everytime I tried to get started, I got stage fright. I looked at some properties that could have generated some modest monthly cash flow, but I feared that one or two bad breaks (bad furnace, bad tenant, bad roof, etc.) could put me in the red, and make life a little tougher instead of better. Its hard to see long term benefits when bills are due today! So I kept putting off getting started.

About two months ago I found this web site while surfing for creative real estate information. I read all of the “How To” articles, and realized how many different approaches to REI there are other than Carlton’s “buy and hold”. I’m getting ready to buy several of the courses offered here, and my plan is to start out by flipping properties. As I learn more about the business, I’ll move in the direction that interests me most. I’m thrilled to find out that there are so many choices. Britton’s advice - Learn how to generate cash first, then work on cash flow and wealth building - makes far more sense to me than buying a bunch of houses, renting them out, and crossing my fingers.

I was never sorry that I purchased the Sheets program, it just helped to get me interested in REI. But I believe the information I’ve found at this web site is going to change my life!

Success stories to follow…