Issues getting listed by Google My Business

I have been trying to use Google My Business to promote my Hard Money Lending business in Austin, TX, but I am having trouble getting ranked. Can anyone here provide any insight. Here is a link to my GMB profile >> Hard Money Lender Austin, Tx

If it helps I will leave a link to my website here also so that you can see if that is affecting my rankings. Hard Money Lender - Hornet Capital

Hi there,

GMB was difficult to set up for me too. I own a virtual staging company and I have learned just how hard it can be to get ranked on google. I ended up hiring a company for $350 to set up my GMB. I had made so many daily changes to my account that google flagged me. Its a very sensitive format. Im happy to share my knowledge with you. I own a virtual staging company. Once you set up GMB you need to configure your website properly for SEO …most SEO companies charge large amounts of money monthly but it is possible to learn how to do the basic set up. If your just going for a local ranking this may be better. I am trying for national ranking wich takes years if you don’t have tons of marketing budget. What is the problem setting up gmb. I honestly found it easier to just pay someone to do it. I also joined Yext…where you pay to have them add you to 80 directories. This in tandem with gmb should get you ranked. - Leyla here’s the tel to the gmb set up company I used…they were very nice and thorough
Gmb team 1866-204-4885. Or I could try to walk you through some tips. You may contact me at my business tel email through my site. - Leyla owner lotus 3d staging