Is This a Sign of a Water Leak? - Posted by PeteH(NYS)

Posted by btroost on October 29, 2000 at 19:11:03:

Did u try calling a well driller…?? Sounds like the screen in the point is not right or previous post problems. Most experience well drillers should know the fix.

Is This a Sign of a Water Leak? - Posted by PeteH(NYS)

Posted by PeteH(NYS) on October 27, 2000 at 17:30:40:

47 lots in my park, well water from two pumphouses, occasional incidents of sediment in folks’ sinks & toilets(much less since a new pump went in and water pressure improved). Mystery is, one home – ONE! – gets way more sediment (mud water, essentially) on a non-predictable but much more frequent basis. I finally spent $85 to put a filter system between my water riser and this guy’s home, and he’s a lot happier. But that filter got mondo crusty in one week.

What in the world could cause so much dirt to be coming in just at this one spot? Seems to me that if there’s a leak in the main serving his lot, the pressure in the line would force water out (and eventually saturate his lawn) rather than allow muck in. I’m stymied. Any ideas?

Re: Is This a Sign of a Water Leak? - Posted by ray@lcorn

Posted by ray@lcorn on October 28, 2000 at 13:16:53:

Hi Pete!

I’m in Atlanta of course, and need someone that can “move some asstets around”… but no one can match your delivery!

I wonder if the home getting the sediment is closest to the well? Whether it is or not, I’ll bet that the problem is connected to the new pump. It sounds like your muddy water may be a pump level placement problem. The new pump may be located deeper in the well than the old one was. The work of installing a new pump in itself stirs up sediment in a well, and often all that is needed to clear it up is to let the water run freely through a hose or something for up to a couple of days. Caution: if the well is a low flowing well (< 10 gpm), then don’t try this… it could dry up the well.

The second fix could be to have the pump guy come back and raise the level of the pump. If it is sucking up sediment from the bottom of the well, it may never clear.

The third possibility is a little worse… if when the pump was installed it somehow damaged the casing, then you may be in for a grout job, or new casing.

The fourth possibilty is the worst… the new pump has over pumped the well. If so, then you may be in for drilling a new one. Hope this isn’t the case. Have the flow of the well checked and make sure the pump is properly sized and set for the well flow.

Hope this helps to isolate the problem. We miss you here in Atlanta, and I fully expect that you will continue to share your real world adventures!