i'm getting screwed!!!!!! - Posted by Larry Mckeaney

Posted by Cheryl Lopez on July 09, 2004 at 24:15:44:


Sounds like the seller is mentioning 2 continguencies.

  1. SELLER’S JOB TRANSFER TO PHOENIX. Was that written in the seller’s response to your offer?

  2. VA FUNDING. VA does require a seller to pay your loan fees (points). Did you adjust your purchase price higher than the original asking price? Or did your offer get accepted lower than the listed price plus the seller having to pay VA funding costs?

Unless, these 2 seller’s continguencies were written as part of the purchase price … it may be too late for the seller to now mention them and want to back out 6 days before close.

You could press for vertification about the job in Phoenix story … if that is true. Was the seller exactually aware of the expense on the seller’s side of VA funding costs?

Tough call. Do you have an agent? If so have the agent to some checking, because no sell … no commission for your agent. If you try to force the seller to perform per the purchase contract will require an attorney.

Good Luck,
Cheryl Lopez

i’m getting screwed!!! - Posted by Larry Mckeaney

Posted by Larry Mckeaney on July 08, 2004 at 23:19:14:

I’m buying a house in Pahrump NV and both parties have signed a purchase agreement with no contingencies on either side. The seller is now trying to pull out of the sale. He states he did not get a job in Phoenix and now would like to stay. I say tough sh–, we have a deal and you can’t pull out of it with just 6 days till closing. Do I have legal right to go on with the deal?
Also he states that I can’t go VA and won’t accept VA funding. Is this considered “discrimination upon a Veteran”?