Illegal activity suspected, is this an opening? - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Doug on January 20, 2000 at 01:59:00:

Hi Jim,
I’m no expert but I JUST had this happen to me. One of my tenants had a “friend” who was selling dope out of his apartment. I awoke one morning last week to find my building surrounded by state/local police. They arrested the friend but my tenant of course said he had no knowledge of it going on. Anyway the police told me I’d have no problem evicting him if I wanted to. I told my tenant he could stay but I had to raise the rent (not only for this but because my taxes went up also). I figured the worst that could happen is he moves out and that wouldn’t bother me a bit. I know, of course, that he knew what was going on. But, his friend really was the problem and now he’s gone. So the problem is gone and the rent is up. And if I ever decide I need to evict him I have all the reason I need.

Illegal activity suspected, is this an opening? - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on January 19, 2000 at 22:24:29:

Hello all,
This (scroll down, the article is pasted below) was in the local newspaper today. The offender is the son on my tenants. The house in the 500 block of Randall they are talking about is MINE!
I wonder if it is time to go “inspect” the place and insure that NO ILLEGAL activity is taking place there. (The illegal activity clause is in my lease, as well as an inspection clause. AND as an ex-cop, I will be able to tell IF there is something fishy goin on.)

These are my chronic late payors. They pay late EVERY month.
And “sometimes” I get a late fee. But, I’m usually soft on them, because they always have a sob story, and do not seem too bright.
Maybe this will allow me to get them out, and re-sell the place? (there in it on a L/O.)
Who knows, but it caught me eye.
I just hope they don’t spend there rent money to bond the loser kid out of jail, or hire a lawyer instead of paying me. hmmmmm? Õ¿Õ

And NO, I also do not want to “kick them when there down”, so this would ONLY take place obviously IF I found anything illegal taking place on MY property.

What do you think?,

Jim IL

"An Aurora man was charged with several offenses after a car he was riding in was stopped at 10:18 p.m. Thursday in the 300 block of East Wilson Street, Batavia. Police said they found a loaded .357 Magnum revolver and seven small packages of cocaine in the coat pockets of Joe Blow(Name changed to protect the “innocent until proven guilty”), 17, of the 500 block of Randall Road. Joe Blow was charged with armed violence because he had a weapon and drugs on his person, unlawful possession of a controlled substance, unlawful use of weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon and ammunition. "

Re: Illegal activity suspected, is this an opening? - Posted by IdahoRob

Posted by IdahoRob on January 20, 2000 at 17:13:46:

Jim My vote is with Nancy. This is the break you need to get yourself out from this sore spot for you.

I suspect this just might be the same people you had trouble with here about 3 months ago and was wanting to charge them a late fee— Was bank holding funds etc. Be that as it may.

I would inspect unanounced, and if you see anything at all. evict!!! Even if you don’t see anything. Do you think the boy will walk the stright and narrow---- after this is over with? My 2 cents worth----uh huh sure he will. I think its best to evict them now.

Re: Illegal activity suspected, don’t worry about being soft. - Posted by Nancy Cason

Posted by Nancy Cason on January 20, 2000 at 11:48:39:

Do you want to be know as someone who supports a “drug house environment”? IMMEDIATELY go for an inspection and use your law enforcement training. Also talk to the police or sheriff they will often pass on information to a landlord who cares.

If they are always late and always have a sob story do you really think they will close on this deal.

Now may be be best time to get better prospects in the house. (Depending on what type of house it is and what kind of neighborhood it is in.)

Always remember this is a business not a charity. Your reputation as a business person is very important. I always try to work with my tenants but Guns and Drugs NEVER!!