"Ignorance is expensive" - Posted by Scott az

Posted by Rick(CA) on January 23, 2001 at 24:15:02:


In answer to your question: “Is it worth it?” I will say that, anytime you purchase a course and it teaches you something new that you didn’t know before, It’s worth it! If you take it a step further and ACTUALLY apply some of his techniques to make money, then it’s EVEN MORE worth it! I personally have the C.S. course and I devoured it several times. I don’t necessarily use buy and hold right now, but it really helped me to understand HOW TO BE CREATIVE.

But, C.S. is only one course and a good one for beginners. Another good one for beginners is Ron LeGrand (although his high end courses are the most expensive out there).

Then there are excellent courses by Bronchick, Samson, and Kaiser to name a few that everyone raves about. Hard to find people who hate them who’se posts can be taken seriously.

Buy the course and tell me if it doesn’t get you excited and raring to go.

Good luck!

“Ignorance is expensive” - Posted by Scott az

Posted by Scott az on January 22, 2001 at 20:38:43:

Great quote, I know. I’m not sure who said it but its right as rain. I only have one question… Is the sheets course worth the money? I’m sure i’ll hear it both ways those for and those against it. Some one point me in the the right direction. Is this course pretty much about, going through mortagage brokers then refiancing houses and pocketing some money? Is it worth it for me? please, when responding to this post try to be kind to the newbie…also where can i get more free info… im a real estate junkie…awww man gotta go my bones r aching…