I want to be an investor. - Posted by Tina L. Smith

Posted by William, Columbus, OH on May 08, 2000 at 15:17:26:

Tina: You will learn a surprising amount by reading the posts and articles on this site, however the REAL learning comes from actually walking through the motions involved. You likely need to become re-employed for now and then look into joining your local REIA group (look at the bottom of the yellow column to the left of the main screen under Resources). At those meetings you can learn alot and they have a library of training materials you can check out to study - FREE. There is a general routine beginners use to attract motivated sellers. A form to use when doing telephone interviews with the sellers, and forms to use for writing sales agreements, etc, etc. In some areas people get numerous responses quickly and in other areas it is a bit slower. Each time you talk to a seller you become more confident and (via making some mistakes/learning experiences) you learn faster.
Don’t ever feel inadequate or dumb because, like a child, we learn best by doing the thing … not reading about it. You must have the courage to change the things you can . . . and that is your attitude toward the experience/journey. If you believe you can do it - you can. God loves you and so do I, Tina.

I want to be an investor. - Posted by Tina L. Smith

Posted by Tina L. Smith on May 07, 2000 at 18:45:50:

I was just laid off at my nursing job last Thursday. I had ideas on buying real estate. When I do try it, I always get nervous and give up. I want to buy houses, condos, and apartments. And find the perfect home for me and my daughter to live in. Is there away that I can get information or ideas on how to be an investor? Or do I have to take classes to know how to do the right deals?

Re: I want to be an investor. - Posted by Lisa in Oz

Posted by Lisa in Oz on May 11, 2000 at 17:39:20:


I think that you have the will, but it sounds like you are having confidence problems. Maybe some motivational books/tapes could help you out while you are swatting-up on investment ideas. Also, I found that making my first offer (contingent on your “partner’s” approval) was a great boost to my confidence.

I promise you that you WILL make mistakes. So now that you know that–Get to Work!

Lisa Charles
‘Lisa in Oz’