i read, study, and i still dont get it - Posted by anthony

Posted by eric-fl on April 05, 2001 at 15:58:53:

hey, Rob, I already have bought and read the course. If you are already working in the wrap niche, I would be interested to hear your marketing ideas.

i read, study, and i still dont get it - Posted by anthony

Posted by anthony on April 04, 2001 at 18:10:47:

hey everyone im new at this so im looking for anyone who has experience with cre and knows their stuff. ok now here are my questions? Ive been reading all sorts of books on CRE by garrison and cook, now Im interested in wrap around mortgages, but what I dont understand is how do I get all the paperwork needed to get the deal, and despite the down payments, are the costs to close a deal significantly greater than the average downpayments? I mean, how much is it really to close a deal on a wrap around more or less? also while reading these books, they talk about developing relationships with title companies, real estate attorneys, agents, and purchasing insurance? But while I visit these discussion groups noone seems to be mentioning anything about this? Am I just reading unnecessary information? It seems as if there so much more to closing a deal and much more money involved than just a down payment and interest? Could someone please explain this to me? do you have any reccommendations for books or courses? those with experience will be most helpful! and one more thing Im in the inland empire in southern california, if anyone is interested in doing a little coaching for a new ambitious investor please reply! Oh yah and finally one more thing, I have about $2000 dollars saved for investing, to those who have experience is this too little to even consider investing now? ok guys thanx alot! I hope you understand my questions!

Re: i read, study, and i still dont get it - Posted by Big Rob

Posted by Big Rob on April 04, 2001 at 21:04:49:

I have just a couple sugestions for you. If you want to do wraps, you need to buy cash cow from Bill Bronchick. Trust me, If you dont have this course, you may never get the wrap niche. Next, We buy houses with no money down everyday. If you are not marketing to attract motivated sellers to call you, you are missing the motherlode! As far as the rest goes, dont do anything till you get that course and read it from cover to cover. Then start your marketting. email me when you finish the course and I will give you a few good ideas for marketting.
Good luck