I need Property insurance!

Hi All!
I have a rental property (single family home) in Florida that I need to get insured. It has a lender’s policy now which only protects the lender. The policy that I had on the property has lapsed some time back. The property is vacant at present and on the market for sale / rent to own. I expect to have someone in there in the next 30-60 days.

Please let me know of any agents or companies that will insure this situation. Many companies will not insure properties where the policy has lapsed. Thanks in advance for your help!

From my recollection having owned properties in FL in the past, there’s some kind of state-sponsored insurance fund that will do almost any property.

I picked up a duplex, vacant, vandalized, homeless living there…the whole nine yards…Nationwide found me “Special Risk” insurance until I could get to ti and rehab, etc.

You contact any home agent which are in your near by agent he guide you in a better way about this.

Farm bureau can fix you up