I need creative ideas to get some units rented - Posted by Adam

Posted by Kathi on May 27, 2004 at 16:56:25:

Contact the school’s residence life department. Many of them have a web site that can be used to advertise student rentals.

I need creative ideas to get some units rented - Posted by Adam

Posted by Adam on May 27, 2004 at 09:05:59:

I have 50 brand new duplexes (100 units) that I need to get rented by Sept. 1. They are geared toward higher income college students and are about 4 min from the local University. The University paper has been the best advertisement so far, but now the students are out for summer. I need some creative ideas for marketing these things. Any and all ideas would be appreciated.

Word of mouth - Posted by Bryan (NC)

Posted by Bryan (NC) on May 28, 2004 at 07:11:43:

Get hold of a handful of students who have stayed in the area over the summer and offer them $50 bucks or so for every unit they can fill with qualified tenants for you. Show these “ropers” a few units so they can see how great they are. Maybe offer 1/2 price or free rent to the person who brings you the most applicants. Word of mouth is the absolute best possible way to advertise to college students.

check the dorms - Posted by garyr

Posted by garyr on May 27, 2004 at 15:20:28:

Many college dorms close for the summer, kicking out students that have nowhere else to spend the summer while the dorm paints and does other maintainence. They’d love to have a short term rental until school starts up again. When school starts back up, your normal customers will return. You may need to discount your curretn rent for the 3 month tenents, maybe not.

Re: I need creative ideas to get some units rented - Posted by Ryan Steele

Posted by Ryan Steele on May 27, 2004 at 09:21:26:

Well, while most students head back home for summer, some stick around to work jobs and take 1 or 2 courses to bring them back up to speed.

My suggestion is to find out where these kids might be working, and post a note/flyer on the bulletin board of that place, if they have one.

Some colleges have offices that help students do either or both of the following: find off campus housing and off campus summer jobs. See if your college has that, and contact them.

Hope that helps

If you want to get more units rented, remember that students need to feel like home in the dorm. You should always remember make the room as comfortable as possible. Have comfortable beds, a clean room and clean bathroom with all the necessities. Having students happy and comfortable in the dorm will make them come back in the future, remember that

You should consider collaborating with the university authority, also try listening on Craigslist to give you more visibility. Check out this article to guide you.