"I Love My Cat" - Posted by Tim W.

Posted by laure on May 21, 2000 at 08:24:37:

Good observation …

Laure :slight_smile:

“I Love My Cat” - Posted by Tim W.

Posted by Tim W. on May 20, 2000 at 24:45:01:

OK. So I’m still new at REI and have looked at several distressed props in my farming area. Many I’ve found are of good structure but have been cat houses while vacant.

I do have the “Miracle” something or other odor remover in the white quart size plastic bottle for small cat urine clean up, but how do you tackle the big jobs in these distressed props, you know, the ones you can smell as you approach the house from the street?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by Mike Jones

Posted by Mike Jones on May 22, 2000 at 07:30:02:

I can offer a solution for pet urine problems without the expense of ripping out the guts of a property. Call for details, if interested.

Mike Jones
Independent Alpine/EcoQuest Distributor
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Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by KJ

Posted by KJ on May 20, 2000 at 16:35:06:

I am a professional carpet restorer (thats a self titled position) that specializes in the impossible. All the advice you have been given is excellent, and most will work. One tip for you and others. Urine Flouresces under black light. A $30 12" black light tube will work well at night. Urine will flouresce purplish yellow. This will allow you to at least to know exactly where the damage has occured. Another tip is that black light will let you “see” many commercially available spotters and those will show bright bluish purple. This is evidence of optical brightners and they are common in many cleaners and pet odor removers available to consumers.

One last tip. urine dries alkaline. Use a mixture of vinegar and h2o to flush it out. On any surface not harmed by h20 use as much as you can, in conjuntion with a wet dry vac. The total volume you use will be in direct proportion to the volume of urine. Mix about 16oz. vinegar per gallon of h20. repeat as often as needed, let dry. Then seal (bin or Killz).

As for saving urine damaged carpet. It’s rarely possible.

Hope that helps

Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by Paris

Posted by Paris on May 20, 2000 at 09:18:33:

One home I purchased was so bad, when the crew was removing the carpet, one man became very ill from the smell, (that’s bad). The cat(s) had apparently used this place for some time. After all carpet was removed throughout the home I washed it with clorox, Tide soap and water 3 times the first day, then I applied streight clorox for another 2 days. We left it to air for for about a week while we painted and repaired everything else. We also replaced all the wallboard around the bottom.
When new carpet was layed, (actually I purchased some nice expensive capet that had been removed from a flooded home) the smell of cat order was completely gone. It worked!

Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on May 20, 2000 at 02:40:47:

Bleach the floors a couple of times. Then use oil-based Kilz. Might take a couple of coats.


Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by eric

Posted by eric on May 20, 2000 at 02:13:02:

lots of people swear by Kilz primer. I think it’s named that for a reason. It’s oil based, and most primers are latex, so you need to ask for it by name. Supposedly, it seals in everything, including odors. You would basically do you “tear out” first - paneling, wallpaper, carpet, cabinets (if there are, and if they are staying - you may have to paint those as well, see Bronchick’s “ten steps” article). Basically, you need to get down to bare walls, and subfloor. Then start priming. Keep the windows open for about a week afterward. If that doesn’t work, tear the house down and start over (kidding).

Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by Tim W.

Posted by Tim W. on May 23, 2000 at 07:55:25:


I received your e-mail about your solution for cat urine odors in properties, and while I am interested in learning more about what you offer, I would only want to learn about it via this forum.

Tim W.

Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by John Behle

Posted by John Behle on May 21, 2000 at 12:09:15:

Sounds like you’re a real pro at this. Thanks for the tips. Your advice and expertise would make a valuable article in the “How to Articles” section. Consider writing it up and sending it to CREonline for publication.

Re: “I Love My Cat” - Posted by Bill (OH)

Posted by Bill (OH) on May 20, 2000 at 07:49:33:

Kilz works great if the place has been a litter box for a long time. I usually rip out the carpet for sanitary reasons and then use bleach and pinesol to kill odors and mildew. If bleach and pinesol don’t do the trick, then I go to the Kilz solution…

Odors solution (trying to stay inside the lines) - Posted by Mike Jones

Posted by Mike Jones on May 23, 2000 at 08:29:35:


As the tag line under my name suggests, I am an Independent Distributor for Alpine Industries/EcoQuest International - the world’s largest manufacturer of filterless electronic air purification systems. The reason I don’t go into any lengthy explanation on the NewsGroup is out of awareness and respect for the policies of this incredible site regarding advertising of goods and services. Therefore, as my earlier message implied, I will discuss solutions to odor problems via private E mail or by phone.

Thanks for your understanding and hopefully this has not been considered to be out of line by anyone.

Mike Jones
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The problem with Kilz . . . - Posted by JoeKaiser

Posted by JoeKaiser on May 20, 2000 at 11:14:47:

It doesn’t work on carpets.