I am thinking about taking Dr. Lowrey's course. Is it a great investment? - Posted by Lance

Posted by Janette L. on February 28, 2000 at 16:29:58:

I wasn’t familiar with Dr. Lowry or his past, but it doesn’t much matter now, because I attended his two-day seminar in LA this last weekend and was floored at the wealth of knowledge and personal experience he shared with about 200 of us. Being new to the real estate investment circle, I realized that making serious money is real, and millions can be made with the right attitude, foretitude, and knowledge…and that is what Dr. Lowry presented last weekend. It was a no fluff, info-packed seminar that was perfect for the beginner as well as the experienced. I learned so much, and am so motivated to make this really work, that right after the seminar, I went home and began immediately mapping out my short-term and long-term goals, something I have not been inspired to do in years.

I was not only impressed with Dr. Lowry’s knowledge and willingness to share it, but also the promptness and respect he demanded of his audience. His materials are thourough and he also offers follow-up, hands-on coaching to ensure success of his students. It amazed me to understand that I was learning from one of the pioneers in the industry, someone who has helped many top people in the industry obtain their wealth and reach their financial dreams. Thank you for responding and I wish you the greatest of success in your future!
Janette L.

I am thinking about taking Dr. Lowrey’s course. Is it a great investment? - Posted by Lance

Posted by Lance on January 30, 2000 at 18:57:04:

I was just recently at Dr. Lowery’s convention. I was really at the point of taking his course. which has a pretty good size fee. He claims to be the teacher of Sheets, Whitney, and others. Is this true? And has anyone taken the course and benifited from it?

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Re: I am thinking about taking Dr. Lowrey’s course. Is it a great investment? - Posted by Chris

Posted by Chris on January 31, 2000 at 11:14:54:

Do a search on this web board with the spelling as LOWRY (no E). You will get some hits. Search button is just above the top message.

-Good Luck, Chris

Albert Lowry is my hero. - Posted by John J.

Posted by John J. on January 31, 2000 at 01:10:45:

It was Dr. Lowry’s book, “How to become financially independent …”, and one of his one-day in-person short-courses that got me started in this business in the seventies. So I owe a great deal to the man and have great loyalty to him.

I had the privilege of meeting him again last year. He still does his one-day seminars, but it now covers much broader territory, including government property auctions (cars, boats, jewelry, etc.) and where/how to find government money for rehab and no-money-down financing. I still had the newspaper article about his bankruptcy in the Lake Tahoe development and when I presented it he was very open about discussing it and actually used it as a learning experience, explaining to the audience what had gone wrong and what can be done to avoid such turn of events. I recommend him for a newbie. He has a good way of explaining the basics in detail as well as presenting numerous alternative scenarios. I am currently listening to his tapes which came with the workshop and still enjoy them.

He must now be in his seventies and I have the impression that he does these seminars because he realizes that he has a tremendous knowledge and actual experiences - he learned a lot of techniques the hard way - and just enjoys sharing all this with people who will take the time to listen and go to work ‘making it in real estate’. He will also stay in touch with those who actually implement what they learn from him, if they want to. He still has his fast pace and enthusiasm about all the opportunities that are out there.

I don’t think that he makes a lot of money from these seminars. He was in town for a week, personally doing the free intro presentations each evening. Estimating his expenses for travel, room/board, seminar room rentals, his assistant and the cost of the large stack of books and tapes that he hands out and estimating his revenue from the seminar fees, I did not calculate a high margin. I am now listening to his tape series, ? How to make money in foreclosures?. Along with the work book it also covers a lot of the basics of investing in residential properties, contracts, etc.

Throughout the seminar - which we had paid for - he also pushed Pre-paid Legal Services several times in an MLM fashion. Toward the end he even handed each of us a sign-up form and then spent the time going through it line by line, telling us how to fill it out. It concerned me that he had to resort to this to generate income for himself.
If you do decide to attend his workshop, please share your experiences with us on the board.

Re: Albert Lowry is my hero. - Posted by Rose Ivra

Posted by Rose Ivra on March 27, 2000 at 09:49:00:

I attended the free seminar on 3/26/2000, along with my eleven year old son with the hopes of walking away with some newfound understanding of how I could make a better life for us. However, I could not afford the class. I was disappointed and felt like I would never get in. Then early this morning I woke up with this idea to get on the net and ask for help. So if you have any tapes or books that I could listen too, or if you would like to take someone under your wings, please e-mail me…You could help change our lives.

Rose Ivra