how to "value" a condo - Posted by ryan

Posted by G.MacLean on November 08, 2000 at 23:07:03:


If do not have a Realtor on your team yet, now would be the time to find one… Why you ask? Three simple letters, MLS, also known as the Multiple Listing Service. This a huge database that, in essence, records activity in just about every subdivision in your area, including condos. Using sales data is imperative to computing fair market value.

Another reason that I use MLS especially for condos, is that our County Property Assessor, does not list pertinent info. about condos in the tax rolls. You know, little stuff, like number of BEDROOMS and Square footage. Stuff that is important to know when your unit is #411 out of six different floor plans and twenty other units on that floor.

Anyway, Realtors are there to help, as long as you use thier time wisely and eventually send some business their way.

Hope this helps…


how to “value” a condo - Posted by ryan

Posted by ryan on November 08, 2000 at 19:26:25:

This has been difficult for me. Does anyone know where to get comps other than a title co. b/c they need an owners name not just an adress and I dont like opening other peoples mailboxes. Thanks for any ideas in advance