How to prove rental history - Posted by GBU

Posted by Randy (SD) on February 02, 2006 at 11:04:26:

I was surprised to say the least you responded to a post of mine from November 04, you must have been really searching the archives. Yours is a particularly difficult situation, since they won’t accept a VOR (probably because your landlord was your mother) you have no canceled checks and insufficient money order receipts.

Short of falsifying documents i.e. rental receipts (which I do not recommend) you have no way to verify a timely payment history, this is one reason why rental or mortgage payments should always be paid by check, easily verifiable with copies of bank statements. If you are fortunate enough your landlord mother deposited your rental payments they may accept copies of her bank statements showing corresponding deposits. Other than that, I have no suggestions-good luck.

How to prove rental history - Posted by GBU

Posted by GBU on November 19, 2004 at 09:50:13:

I am a first time home buyer. I need to show proof of rental history for my mortgage application. I have been told that cancelled checks will do, or verification of rent from a management company. The problem is that I have been living with my girl friend for the past 4 years. The lease is in her name, and although I pay the rent, I usually give her cash, or a check payable to her, and then she pays the management company that collects the rent where we live. So there is nothing showing that I pay the management company directly.

How can I show proof of on-time rental payments in this circumstance? Any creative ideas? thanks.

Re: How to prove rental history - Posted by Amy

Posted by Amy on November 19, 2004 at 13:42:47:

There are a lot of lenders that will either take a verbal VOR or that do not require one at all. Technically in your case, if lenders need a verbal VOR, you can state your girlfriend as your landlord, and they will call her and confirm that (1) you live there, (2) you lived there from x date to x date, (3) you pay $x in rent every month, and (4) you haven’t been late in your rent payments (and if so, how many times in past 12 months).

But some lenders don’t need a VOR at all. Email me at if you’d like me to take a look at it for you.

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Re: How to prove rental history - Posted by Randy (SD)

Posted by Randy (SD) on November 19, 2004 at 10:55:31:

I can think of two possible solutions, first of all is the management company aware that you are cohabitating with your girlfriend? If so, a VOR (verification of rent payments) is a simple one page document in the tenant’s name section have them write your girlfriend name/your name.

A second possible solution is if your girlfriend pays the rent by check produce copies of her checks and any utility bills that may have your name and address together with an explanation of how the expenses are paid. Your situation is certainly not unique just explain the facts as they are and you should be fine.

Re: How to prove rental history - Posted by sherida

Posted by sherida on February 02, 2006 at 08:26:48:

I close on friday and they a rental history for the past 6 months , I live my mother and I pay rent in cah I only have 2 money orders and they said a VOR is not good enough. What can I do?