How to MOVE & SELL Gift of a free DW - Posted by lexxliq

Posted by Tony Colella on October 26, 2006 at 19:53:00:

Not sure I see what all the concern is about. If I read your post correctly, the tenant has been evicted right? If they return, you call the police for trespassing.

If they trashed the place and you are essentially willing to give the home away, they can’t do much more damage to the place, so no stress there.

If you don’t plan to rent the place again and are still that concerned about someone moving in, then cut off the utilities. If no one lives there and you are going to move the home, have the electic turned off, the meter pulled and then have the power running to the home physically disconnected from the homes electrical panel.

Change the locks so past tenant cannot walk back in with their key.

Physically disconnect/cut the water line leading from the ground to the home.

Few people want to live in a trashed place with no water or electricty.

Clean the place out if you want it to show a little bit better and charge a small fee to get rid of the home.

For some odd reason it is easier to sell a home for $500 than it is to give it away for free. It seems that if we place no value on a home then no one else will either.


How to MOVE & SELL Gift of a free DW - Posted by lexxliq

Posted by lexxliq on October 26, 2006 at 19:33:35:

I just recieved a free 1988-DW Fleetwood 24x40. It is in rought shape bcs a
renter trashed it. It has to be moved quickly. I was thinking of advertizing it
and trying to sell it for an amount above the cost to move it to that person.

I am concerned about the liability of being responsible for it in between the
time from now and until I sell it. I am concerned about being responsible for
it while its still vacant. The evicted renter has moved but there is always a
possibility he might return.

Are there any other things I should be concerned about while trying to move
& sell this gift, since I can’t use it myself and it must be moved asap.

Thanks for all your help!!!