How do you find out credit score???? - Posted by george from raleigh

Posted by Ed Garcia on December 22, 2000 at 11:21:37:


What the majority of investors do to find out what their credit score is, is ask the lender who is handling their loan. Some lenders are reluctant to divulge this information, and tell you that it’s against the law to do it. The majority will tell you your score, using it as a selling tool to develop your good gracious.

Personally I feel you deserve to know your score, due that it affects your credit and borrowing power. Think about what I just said. It affects your credit because you could have perfectly good credit and if your score is lacking due to excessive inquires, the lender may not provide you the better loan even though you’ve paid all of your creditors “As Agreed”.

George, If you take the time to contact the credit bureaus directly, I’m sure you can harass them in to giving you your credit scores. For now, go to a local credit agencies and they will run a credit report on you with your credit scores. There should be a local agency in your area, however if not, here is one given to this site courtesy of Mr. Jim Piper.

(Try Northland Services…816-741-9292. Talk to Richard. Cost of a report is $9 without credit score, $10 with credit score. There’s a toll free but I don’t have it.)

Have a Merry Christmas George,

How do you find out credit score??? - Posted by george from raleigh

Posted by george from raleigh on December 21, 2000 at 06:46:26:

Dumb question I am sure, but I’ll ask it anyway: how do you find out what your credit score before going to a lender?


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find credit score