How do I sale this MH? - Posted by Terry(DFW)

Posted by DJ on December 21, 1998 at 20:56:22:

You’re in a tough situation! Being a MH investor myself, I can tell you, a ‘61 anything is not worth
what it’s gonna cost to have it moved ($1200-1800)depending on how far it has to be moved. Another problem is it will probably cause some structure
damage to move it! For this cost, plus the repairs you have mentioned, unless someone gave it to you, I would think you would have a hard time making money on this one! Another problem you have is 2 bdr, 1 ba. Makes it kind of hard to sell to a family! I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but maybe you should take these things into consideration before you buy another one!
If you haven’t already, get Lonnie Scruggs’“Deals on
Wheels”! Read it, Learn it, Live It! Never buy one that has to be moved, unless it’s a newer model, and you can buy it at a steel! Unless you have the money
to buy or lease a private lot, have it moved, renovate it, and then rent or sell it with L/O, I would do anything it takes to get out from under it and chalk it up as a lesson from the “school of hard knocks”!
Good luck!

How do I sale this MH? - Posted by Terry(DFW)

Posted by Terry(DFW) on December 21, 1998 at 18:15:02:

I recently purchased a 1961 double wide 2 bdrm 1 bth mobile home here in Dallas.It has to be moved(not anytime soon)and does not have A/C,needs in/out paint,new carpet and a few minor cosmetics.How should I go about selling?Should I offer owner financing?Is it possible being it’s so old and has to be moved?What is a ballprk figure to have it moved?HELP!