Home Where Someone Was Murdered - Posted by DaveGF

Posted by dd on May 21, 2006 at 12:11:09:

I think if you network with non-superstitious investors you should have no trouble. Remember, so called ‘negatives’ are ‘bargaining chips’ for you in acquiring the property below market. I don’t know what the disclosure laws are around the country, but you should find out or just disclose it up front to whomever and explain what you know about the reason that man was murdered on his front doorstep and support any fears of violence in the neighborhood with a crime report and comparison with other cities in the same price point.

Another thing, to ‘erase’ the thoughts of the murder happening there in the minds of the locals, perhaps a change to the property such as paint in a different color theme and maybe some inexpensive potted plants will assist the locals who might be superstitious along with time will ‘bring the property back to the homes of the living.’

People die in homes all the time, do you think this prevents future people from owning them? I think not, look at all the historical homes in places like San Francisco and elsewhere, plenty of people over the years have been murered or died in those homes and many are worth millions!

In closing, I say ‘Buy!’ as long as it fits your investor guidelines for a deal. I don’t see how you can go wrong with it!

Home Where Someone Was Murdered - Posted by DaveGF

Posted by DaveGF on May 20, 2006 at 14:46:34:

Wondering what people here think of the idea of pursuing the purchase of a home where a woman was murdered by her son recently.

It’s a very, very nice small town with almost no crime and attractive properties. The house is in a beautiful neighborhood, and probably just needs a little work before putting it up for sale.

My thought is that it could probably be bought cheaply (because of the murder).

I know some potential buyers may obviously be put off by the thought of living in a house where someone was killed, but others (like myself) who aren’t superstitious would have no problem with it.

Anyone here ever bought a home under similiar circumstances?

Re: Home Where Someone Was Murdered - Posted by Sean

Posted by Sean on May 21, 2006 at 16:25:52:

Have had a murder house for several years now, never had any issues renting it, and just got a contract to sell it today in fact for a very hefty profit.

I got no problem with murder houses.

Re: Home Where Someone Was Murdered - Posted by John Corey

Posted by John Corey on May 21, 2006 at 10:46:15:

You have answered your own question.

You noted that some people would have an issue with living there. You also said you think you might get a discount given the history.

You should assume that your possible pool of renters or buyers could be reduced. That the sales price might be lower than if there was no murder.

If the numbers still make sense then move forward. If the math says there will be little profit then move on.

If the property is going to be held for a long time then the impact on the price will fade (if there is an impact). If you do hold it assume that some renters will be turned off.

Check about the disclosure rules in your community.

If you market to someone with the police, the medical community, the coroner’s office, etc. then you will have communities that will understand there is no issue (unless the house is the reason someone was murdered).

John Corey

Maybe a Bargain, Maybe Not - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jimmy on May 21, 2006 at 08:53:07:

I suppose there are some places where a messy murder or suicide would keep buyers away. But in most places where I have invested, this would not be much of an issue.

Re: Home Where Someone Was Murdered - Posted by lezlie(tn)

Posted by lezlie(tn) on May 20, 2006 at 16:07:02:

i lease optioned a home from an owner and put a tenant in on a rent to own. Six months later the tenant walked out on his screened in porch (which he had built onto the property)and a car drove up someone got out, and shot him twice in the chest. I can only guess he was into drugs or something similar. He died on the porch. Luckily the family got the house cleaned out quickly. I tried to lease option the property again for several months but with no success. I think the neighbors would talk to the people who came by and scared them off. It was really bad because this was a nice bread and butter neighborhood. IMHO don’t buy it. there are so many deals out there without this type of problem. People are always antsy and suspicious about murders and death in a house.