Home security cams and soft

Greetings, does any of you use home cams, are they safe? I have heard that is an increasing number of incidents when cameras were stolen or decrypted. Could anyone share their experience on that matter.
Also does any of you have ever used a Homam cam, I’d like to check it out, and curious what other people think about this product.
Thank in advance !

We live in the comfort and security of our own warm new house in Richmond as homeowners, but it’s easy to forget how many possible perils are still lurking around us. A key aim is to provide a secure environment in which your family can thrive without fear. False perceptions of security, such as having merely a fire alarm, make homeowners believe they are entirely safe in the event of an emergency. Naturally, utilizing common sense as the first line of protection, such as checking through the peephole before opening the door or being cautious around strangers, is a better place to start.
Home security cameras keep watch over your home from both inside and outside, acting as an extra pair of eyes and ears to monitor your property.
How can I ensure that my smart camera is secure? Taking the steps below will make it much more difficult for cybercrooks to gain access to your smart camera.

  1. If your camera comes with a default password, replace it with a safe one. A decent approach to accomplish this is to connect three random phrases that you’ll remember. You may generally modify it through the device management app. Make sure you don’t use any of the most regularly used passwords when changing your password.
  2. Regularly update your camera, and if possible, turn on the option to install software updates automatically so you don’t have to think about it. Not only will using the most recent software increase your security, but it will also often bring new functions. Keep in mind that the software that controls your camera is frequently referred to as firmware, so check for words like “update,” “firmware,” or “software” in the app.
  3. We recommend turning off the option that allows you to view the camera footage remotely over the internet if you don’t need it. It’s worth noting that doing so may prevent you from receiving notifications when movement is detected, as well as prevent the camera from working with smart home devices (Alexa, Google Home, etc.).

In my own experience, the Homam 64 GB cam is one of the best smart home security systems on the market. Its unique perks definitely outweigh its disadvantages. I was thrilled when I discovered that it was equipped with a 56 GH connection and top-notch security features. Once I purchased and installed the excellently constructed camera, its crystal clear pic quality took my breath away. Its application is reliable and easy to use, etc. On the downside, they indeed ask a high price for this gem. And, momentarily, it can’t make footage in UltraHD quality. As far as I noticed, it’s perfectly safe to use it.

I’ve made the exciting decision to upgrade my home into a smart, connected space, and I’m on the lookout for this type of smart home service Miami. From controlling lights and thermostats remotely to enhancing security with smart locks and cameras, I’m eager to explore all the possibilities. If anyone has recommendations or experiences with smart home service providers in Miami, I’d love to hear them!