High End Rehabs - Posted by Eric in FL

Posted by RichV(FL) on June 24, 2003 at 18:47:53:


These sure do work in Florida. Here in the Sarasota area alot of big $$ retirees are moving down and looking for high end homes. If they are in good neighborhoods they sell quickly.

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High End Rehabs - Posted by Eric in FL

Posted by Eric in FL on June 24, 2003 at 17:06:57:

I have been doing rehabs here in Florida in the 100k - 200k range with adequate profit margin but just completed a 300k rehab with 100k profit and three offers came in today. Is anyone else in Florida doing these kinds of deals and what has been your experience?? I truly believe there is a niche market for retirees moving south who want to live in completely remodeled homes that are in nice neighborhoods with highend quality amenities (Corian, high end bathrooms) not retirement villages. What are everyone’s thoughts??? Thanks for the input.


Re: High End Rehabs - Posted by Dan-Fl

Posted by Dan-Fl on June 25, 2003 at 14:19:12:

I have been doing the little houses here for about 5 years.You know buy for 20k,put 10k in it and sell for 60k,but I have been thinking about going into the high end houses.If you don’t mind me asking,on average what kind of profit are you making and how long is your holding time.