HELP!!!!!!!!! - Posted by D.J.

Posted by River City on November 10, 2004 at 06:18:21:

I believe that code enforcers have to be careful so as not to commit discrimination. If they let one home slide they have to let them all slide or they can be sued for discrimination. And, in today’s times, everyone is suing everyone for just about anything.

You may have to go to the permit office and get in someone’s face and actually demand some answers. If you don’t get your answers, then you have to decide if it is worth the headaches that are around the corner. Because that’s when you will get your answers.

Why would a home owner add 2 stories to a home without pulling permits? That makes no sense.

HELP!!! - Posted by D.J.

Posted by D.J. on November 09, 2004 at 11:52:03:

I have stumbled upon a home whose ARV is 235k (I have a certified appraisal). The owner wants 129k. He has already done extensive rehab work; all without pulling permits, which is reflected in the asking price. I have inquired, and to no avail, about the different scenerios and issues (obviously, the worse being a code enforcer on a power trip, demanding the work be ripped down) this is NOT a “little” work; he added 2 stories to the home!!! If I buy it, I buy the headaches, with no recourse; if I pull permits for the existing work, and pay a few fines, and have it pass inspection (The work that has been done is quality work), would I be free and clear? The government agency in my area appears to be useless in their responses thus far. (Im located in Florida)
ANY help would be appreciated!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! DJ