HELP FROM MASSACHUSETTS - Posted by Dave from Mass

Posted by Dave from Mass on December 16, 1998 at 12:56:11:

First Iwould like to thank each and every R.I.Invester on

this site.your knowledge and Inovaative solutions to prob-

lem solving and how to write offers is so inspiring.when I

get down in the dumps Ilog on and you all pick my spirits

back up thank you and keep up the good work.I bought carlton

sheets home study cours recently.Ifound it most informative.

Ihave been at it for about a month now.about 98% of R.E.

ads are listed with brokers very few F.S.B.O.every broker

Ihave had the misfortune to meet so far is right out of the

stone age.they wont give you any information on the owners

financing such as balance of mortgage monthly payments type

of loan will he take back any paper can you put to-

gether a creative deal with no information? they just you

to go to the bank and get new financing.thair has to be

brokers out thair who understand creative financing dose

anyone out thair know of any in my area? also any investors

in the south shore area I sure could use somwon to talk to.

any help I sure would be most greatfull.

thank you all

Dave from M.A.