Have you ever approached - Posted by Wendy (Houston)

Posted by d.henderson on May 17, 2000 at 16:34:21:

We have one nice park where I live. The people have cleaned it up nicely and working on getting the tenants to be the same way. The park owns 5 spaces only. These people are retired and bought this park because the man wanted to fix things well, he’s got a lot to fix. His wife wants to sell and travel, it’s not on the market but I had heard some of this through the grapevine. I went out to talk to them about putting a mobile in their park, everything is fine and I can even rent my mobile out. Just bring nice people they say.
I listened to the wife saying that she wanted to travel so I told them as I gave them another card that I would be interested in buying their park. So, everytime that I see them, I kiddingly ask her what trip she’s going on and then remind her that I would like to buy the park so that they can play. S Don’t know if it will work but I keep chipping away at them.
Good luck to you.
BTW I’m check on how much the park makes, how it is run and all of the day to day things by being there and talking to the people so that I will have an idea if the price is worth the park.

Have you ever approached - Posted by Wendy (Houston)

Posted by Wendy (Houston) on May 17, 2000 at 13:22:32:

Has anyone ever approached a MH Park owner about selling his place even though it isn’t on the market?

He’s had it for over 10 yrs (don’t know how long). He hasn’t raised rents. He has a waiting list. The place is well maintained. He’s over 65. I don’t know him, but I can find him.

I want to plant the idea with him that maybe he should sell. I know I can raise rents and thus the value and either have a cash cow or flip to a “real” MH park investor.

Any suggestions are appreciated!