Hardwood vs. Carpet - Posted by rusty

Posted by Pat on December 05, 2005 at 21:09:57:

It all depends on the numbers for us. If the floor is in fairly good shape, we might refinish. Carpet on the other hand, can cover structurally sound floors that are too beat up to spend a lot of time trying to refinish. The downside of carpet at this time is most of it is from petroleum by products and follows the price of oil. Another product we’ve used as an alternative to the other 2 is floor laminates. They are fairly inexpensive,install easy, and look good. We just bought a large quantity on sale that we’ll use on future projects. I know this is not a direct answer to your question but it’s food for thought.

Hardwood vs. Carpet - Posted by rusty

Posted by rusty on December 05, 2005 at 20:24:35:

Do you prefer to refinish (sand) old hardwoods in your rehabs or recarpet? And do you think this would vary based on your geographic locations?

What prices do you typically pay for each?

It all depends Rusty - Posted by Clint

Posted by Clint on December 06, 2005 at 06:11:21:

On your market, seriously. Are these middle to upper income rentals? Hardwood. Lower end. Go with cheap carpet. My two cents and worth every cent you paid for it!