Hard Money Financing!!!! - Posted by Ricardo (NY)

Posted by Felix Olivares on December 23, 2002 at 16:59:30:

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Hard Money Financing!!! - Posted by Ricardo (NY)

Posted by Ricardo (NY) on December 06, 2002 at 13:46:25:

I have a deal that I’m trying to do in NYS Mid-Hudson region.

Seller is poised to sell fast.

Asking: 199,000
Property Type: 3-fam
Rent Rolls: 31,200 (3bd - 1200; 2bd - 800; 2bd - 600)
Utilities: Tenants pay
Water/sewer: 540
Ins: 900
Taxes: 2,700

Offering: 190,000 or 170,000 all cash, if I can get hard money.
Area Comps: 230,000 - 300,000

I’m like to know you can help me make this work.