Guidance in overcoming initial fears. - Posted by Lamarr

Posted by Valerie PA on July 13, 2001 at 08:17:24:

Jim is right. I scoured the ads every day looking for houses and got nowhere. I still haven’t had my first deal but at least I am out marketing and getting people to call me. CS is a great starting point but there is so much to learn and we are lucky we have this site and the expertise of the people who frequent it.


Guidance in overcoming initial fears. - Posted by Lamarr

Posted by Lamarr on July 13, 2001 at 02:40:34:

Hi all!
I am a married father of two boys, living in sacramento, CA. I have been out of work for almost two years. I have only assisted my wife in the support of our household by running a mobile dj service and playing in local nightclubs. I got so tired of not being able to do for my family that I begged a friend to purchase the Sheets course for me. I went through it, the video and the tapes (yes, all of them)and I was on fire to get started then IT came. The type of questions that make you want to not do a thing before you even try. What happens should I find a property and all my numbers add up, I get the seller to sell and then I can’t sell it. I have bad credit from a previous marriage and I honestly have no friends with money to tap as partners. I believe that this is the vehicle for me to “kick-start” the rest of my life. Can someone give me, no, show me what to do!? I want to KNOW!

Re: Guidance in overcoming initial fears. - Posted by Dave (CA)

Posted by Dave (CA) on July 13, 2001 at 12:54:37:

We’ve started a real estate club in Sacramento. Contact Tom Nunes ( to get details.

Put the course down slowly, and step back… - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on July 13, 2001 at 04:40:10:

Seriously, you’ve read the course, so now maybe you understand some terms used here.
Now, put it away for a little while, and read everything here you can.
Go thru the how to articles, money making ideas, and this board.
Absorb all the info, digest it, and then calm down a bit.
I know this business can be overwhelming at first.
Been there, done that.
But, you can make money doing this, as long as you work hard and are willing to keep at it.
This is not a “Get rich quick” scheme, you will need a good solid effort.
After you read some things here, decide what you want to accomplish, make it a short term goal.
See, I know we all start this wanting to support our families/selves in a nice lifestyle, make lots of $$$, and so forth.
But, you need to make some cash NOW I’ll bet, right?
So, read what you can, and then find the method you feel most comfortable doing, and use it, apply it.
I bet you can make a quick $2k-$4k with some sort of deal.
And, find yourself a decent Investor in your area to talk to.
Perhaps they can shed some light for you, and maybe even mentor you.

Just study as much as you can right now, learn to make CASH, and work on CASH FLOW later.

And keep in mind, you are NOT looking for houses, you are looking for motivated sellers.
Do an archive search here on “Marketing”, “Bandit signs”, and motivated sellers.
You will soon see that your thinking must change to make it in this biz.
I know, because I was once there.
In fact, I’d bet most people who get CS’s course start out calling every ad they can find, and trying to look for houses, not sellers.

Jim FL