Great Web Site Update! - Posted by J.P. Vaughan

Posted by J.P. Vaughan on March 19, 2001 at 22:08:18:

We’ve put together another great update for you.


We’ve just posted two new articles for you. Both are
by the internationally famous negotiating expert,
Roger Dawson:

“Be a Smarter Negotiator: Five Basic Principles”

“Never Say ‘Yes’ to the First Offer”

Each of these articles contains a wealth of information
you can start using immediately to help you in all your


We’re just put up four (4) GREAT new Success Stories:

“Newbie Nets Over $110,000 on First Two Deals!”

“Killer Business Plan Secures $850,000 Credit Line”

“Great Business Plan Secures $300,000 Credit Line”

“$5K Cash, $400/Mo Cash Flow, $20K Equity”

Our sincere thanks go to Mary Omalo, Jennifer Brown,
Terry Lape and Rick and Lisa Dawson for sharing their
Success Stories with us.

What goes around…comes around. I know a bunch of
our visitors are doing deals out there because I hear
about them in the Chat Room, on the News Group, and
by telephone. Please take a moment to share YOUR
Success Story with us. All you have to do is email it
to me at:

Enrich the lives of others and you will enrich yourself
many times over…


Roger Dawson will be the Key Note speaker at our annual
convention this year. Roger is one on this country’s top
negotiation experts. He is the author of “Secrets of Power
Negotiating,” which is the largest selling business audio
cassette program ever published, with over 20 million
copies sold worldwide.

His last four books have all been main selections for all
major book clubs. Success Magazine calls him “America’s
premier business negotiator.”

One the most essential skills for all real estate, paper
and mobile home investors is the ability to negotiate well.
Nobody can do a better job of teaching us this vital skill
than Roger Dawson.

He is the author of these three audio cassette programs:

“Secrets of Power Negotiating”

“Secrets of Power Persuasion”

“Confident Decision Making”

For the incredible amount of powerful information in these
programs, we are offering them to you for the super-bargain
price of only $65.00 each. This is an opportunity you can’t
afford to miss!


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We hope you enjoy all the new things happening at CRE Online.


JP Vaughan