Great Job & Something More - Posted by David Butler

Posted by Joe Arlt on November 21, 2000 at 18:53:44:

Great course. I’ve bought tons of property on contract, via assumption, or through the VA repo program. However, a few bad experiences going the conventional route had me completely skipping over this buying method. I now feel like I have the knowledge to try it again. Mucho thanks.

Great Job & Something More - Posted by David Butler

Posted by David Butler on November 21, 2000 at 17:44:33:

I wanted to take a moment to thank Terry Vaughan and Ed Garcia for allowing me the opportunity to both observe and participate in CREO’s 3 day Lender’s Workshop this past weekend. Having worked with Terry and Ed one way or another over these past five years, I was well aware of their knowledge and skill levels… didn’t really know they could put on such a highlevel presentation though - the energy level and the flow of that workshop was truly incredible!!!

And their dynamic as a tag-team created an excellent forum to transfer the learning experience. For those who did not attend, I believe it really is something you need to put on your calendar for next year. To grow as an investor, you have to gain access to capital sooner or later… or you are going to stall out.

And whether it is trying to get lenders or private investors to sponsor your efforts, you have to know how to package and present your deals or projects in a manner that will give you the best chance of getting the money you need to operate. The mechanics can be tedious, and at times may seem like just a lot of busy work.

In all honesty, you absolutely would not feel that way… if you had had the opportunity to meet Sally B., one of the workshop attendees who learned it on her own, and who has built a tremendously successful investing career out using these exact same techniques over the past decade - starting from scratch. You might ask why on earth did she come to the workshop… it was because her 25 year old son has launched his own REI career, and happens to be a big fan of CREOnline - and it was the participants’ good fortune that he dragged his mom along for the show! Sally fortuitously became the proverbial “living proof” supporting the viability and significance of the workshop’s objectives :wink:

So, thank you again Terry and Ed for sharing the moment, and best of luck to all of you interesting folks I had the opportunity to meet with. Have a profitable close out to the first of many new years!

David P. Butler