Great Deal - Posted by Pat

Posted by Terry (Houston) on April 24, 2001 at 18:19:42:

Ask the son
“If I can pay you all cash and close quick, what is the least amount you will take?” Then be quiet no matter how much it hurts.

When he gives you a figure ask him “is that is the best you can do?” A good friend gave me that one and it has helped me several times!

Remember - He who speaks first loses!


Great Deal - Posted by Pat

Posted by Pat on April 24, 2001 at 16:10:49:

I have located a townhouse that is vacant. Old Lady in nursing home and son has the property up for sale. Property is basically free and clear with a small new mortgage son took out. He is willing to carry something but wants me to make offer.

House is on Market for 162,500.00. Tax assessors office apprased at 136,500. It has been empty for seven months. not sure if it has been on the market that long. anyway, i would like to buy to live in myself and not sure what to offer. I would like to walk away with cash at closing. How can I structure this so I can walk with cash?

I am currently trying to refinace 6 apts that are on a L/O that I have. My broker said he found someone to finance two but I need all six financed. any suggestions on this?