good rates on 800#'s???? - Posted by Tim

Posted by hg(nyc) on December 02, 2000 at 23:07:57:

I have several Toll Free numbers with Global Crossing 800-466-4600. I just switched my account over to their “Incentive” plan; 30 second minimum, 6 second billing, out-of-state is .0775/minute, in-state is .0861/minute. I am in New York state. There is no usage minimum but there is an "Inbound Service Monthly charge of $2.00 per line. So for my 3 lines I pay $6.00 per month plus the usual taxes plus usage. You must have a business name(just make one up!). You can have them “port” the toll free line to anywhere! Cell phone, voicemail(they have), home or business phone.

Suggestions. To cut out the riff-raff(curiosity seekers, other realestate seminar people) when they call, and people will abuse your toll free number to NO end, take their number and return their call on your outgoing line which will probably be 5cents/min. Tell them you have to keep the line open for all those trying to get through, and from now on they should use it only when they really have to.


good rates on 800#'s??? - Posted by Tim

Posted by Tim on December 02, 2000 at 22:18:48:

Hi there all…I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! I’m on the verge of putting my very first “I buy houses” ad in the newspaper, however due to circumstance the major city that I’m going to be adverising in is 2 hours away & I need an 800#. Can someone please turn me on to some companies that offer good deals on 800 numbers? Also, can I put that 800# onto a cell phone so that I can take the calls at anytime? Thank you so much to all that took time out to read this post, & I hope that everyone’s enjoying your first weekend in December!


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Howard’s ideas posted below about abuse and–taking the number then calling back later are good ones! And if you wanted to call back toll free try the net-to-phone program in the Yahoo messanger service. For my use it seems to be the best internet phone I have used. I use it a lot to call my aging and some what deaf Parents in another state Has cut my long distance bill way down. :slight_smile:


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Check out Cognigen

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You can have it notify you at your home phone number, beeper, cellphone, at any location; retrieve by phone, by email, have it read email address to you over the phone. I received 60 free
minutes up front with my account. I think this could work for you. Get the free upgrade–no extention number.
You can forward your home number to it, and then pick up messages when you travel anywhere, or you can forward messages FROM it to your home, beeper or wherever you are, and change any of those instructions while on the road.

Hope this helps. Let us know how you do


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