Goals - Posted by JohnG

Posted by darin on December 26, 1998 at 20:28:29:

Your story reminds me of a story someone told me a while ago.

There was a professor teaching a class and at the begining of class one morning, there was this large glass vase and the professor filled it with a bunch of big rocks then ask the class if it was full. The students replied that it was. So then the professor poured a bunch of pebbels into the vase, shook it around and then ask the students if the vase was now full. Students replied that they felt it was full. The professor wen on to fill the vase with sand, shook it around and ask the class again if they felt it was full. Class again replied “yes the vase is full now”. So the professor began to fill the vase with water and replied now it is full.

The story the professor was telling these students is that in goal setting, you need to first put in place your very biggest goals, even ones they may even seem to be a fantisy to achieve. He called these the “BIG ROCKS”.

The next step is to put into place big goals that you will be able to achieve by streching your self, really pushing your self, example new house, second home, sports car, trip Europe,etc… Calling these " 100’s "

Then move onto goals that you can achieve in a shorter time like getting a new car, 2 week vacation, addition on your home, Flying to chicago for dinner, etc…He refered to these as " 25 and 50’s "

And the most imprortant goals of all he explained is to achieve a small goal every day refering to them as " 10’s ". A ten being something non material but just giving someone or your self joy every day and several times per day. saying something to someone to pick them up when they are down, having a glass of wine and relaxing at the end of the day, giving someone flowers for no reason, just setting back and enjoying that moment in time.

To sum up this somewhat cheesy long boring post is that to achieve your big rocks, you must enjoy 100’s, 50’s and 25’s along the way. And most of all giving your self and others as many 10’s as possible throughout the day. Learn what your and everyone around you 10’s are.

Goals - Posted by JohnG

Posted by JohnG on December 26, 1998 at 10:37:31:

I hope everyone got lots of turkey and lots of good friends and family around for the holidays.
I would like to take a minute and share something that has been a “miracle” for me in the last 5-6 years of my life - both professionally and personally.
And that is the power of goal setting.
I know - if you’re student of life then you know all about this topic - how you must set realisitc goals and they must be attainable and within a set time period.

But I want to talk about the intangible and unseen power and strength one gets from setting goals. Over the last 5 years, I have sat down between Christmas and New Years (mainly because I have some free time) and I write out a list of goals. It is usually one sheet that I can print off and put on my bulletin board in my home office and read as I sit at the computer and try and do another deal.
At the time, I look at the goals and I get quite intimidated - they seem far too big and there is no way that I can reach them. I stare at them for a few days and decide whether or not to post them on the wall. Once they go up they are public. And once again, this year, as I review last years goals, I am absolutely astounded that I have not only reached what seemed like totally unattainable goals but I actually did a little more.

So, at the moment of setting your goals, get out of the land of reality and dare to dream big dreams. Commit them to paper and share them with your significant other. Then quietly and diligently go to work each and every day. Great things are rarely accomplished is one giant step - rather its a lot of small and sometimes boring steps.
When the gold medal winner stands and receives his medal it looks glamorous and like a lot of fun. But the medal was won in the early hours of the day when the althete is tired, hurting, and has to train for 3 hours before the rest of world awakens.

I appreciate this site and I wish you the best in 1999.

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