Getting off the phone with unmotivated sellers - Posted by Matt (So IL)

Posted by Steve M. on September 10, 2001 at 18:15:10:

The easiest way for me is just to politely interupt them and say “ok well it sounds nice let me drive by the property and if i like it ill call you back” then just say bye

IF that dosent work
Tell them your rash is flairing up and you have to tend to it…LOL that will do one of two things
1 they freak out and hang up on you
2 this gives you a reason to hang up on them
LOL well hope that helps
Steve M

Getting off the phone with unmotivated sellers - Posted by Matt (So IL)

Posted by Matt (So IL) on September 10, 2001 at 18:03:16:

How do you politely get off the phone with the sellers that call you, but aren’t really motivated? You know, the ones that are either just looking or want an all cash deal or a property that just isn’t a deal. Mostly the ones that won’t take payments and want an all cash deal. I don’t want to be rude, but I don’t want to waste my time either.
Thanks, Matt

Re: Getting off the phone with unmotivated sellers - Posted by Chip

Posted by Chip on September 10, 2001 at 23:33:26:

I’ll tell you a line I learned from Charles Fuller years ago in Texas. It works great. After they tell you enough about the house, and (usually) they are asking too much, just say…

“Do you have a pen? (pause while they get one)
My name is __________. My phone is _______. I’m going to have to pass on the house right now, but call me if anything changes, OK?”

They will say “Oh-Ok”.
You say “Bye”.

They upside of this exercise is THEY WILL CALL YOU BACK WITH A LOWER PRICE!! If it’s good, take it, else, repeat the procedure until it works.

Re: Getting off the phone with unmotivated sellers - Posted by J. Clifton

Posted by J. Clifton on September 10, 2001 at 22:02:15:

Ask them a version of Joe Kaiser’s great open-ended “backdoor” question, like “what will you do if it doesn’t sell, or you can’t get all cash?” Let them describe their plan B, then tell them that’s basically your offer (you rephrase to fit whatever creative approach comes closest). You introduce your investor offer(s) as a back-up offer, which gives you maximum manuevering room. If they really like it and want to deal now, proceed to the kitchen table. If they aren’t angrily resistant to the back-up idea, you now have a logical context for submitting your offer in writing anyway, and/or following up with them later. “Well, seller, think of what YOU just proposed as a back-up plan, consistent with what I can do for you. If your main plan doesn’t work out, you can give me a call…” Send them your offer anyway, and follow-up, whether they call you or not.

If it ISN’T a deal, or they are dismissive of any investor offer, you simply close down the conversation with close-ended questions, or statements. “So you only want a cash buyer?” “The terms you are requesting disqualifies this house for my program.” “Are you firm about that?” “A purchase on this basis provides too thin a profit for my company to allow it.” “Well, my business just doesn’t do conventional deals, by policy. It deals in special situations only.” “Well, my program doesn’t work for everyone. But if your situation changes, you can give me a ring.”

Don’t burn your bridges—since they called you, they are partially screened in as at least potentially flexible/motivated, either now or LATER. These are callers you should follow up on until they tell you to stop, or they’ve sold, or that they’re ready to deal.

Tell 'em like it is - Posted by Buddy

Posted by Buddy on September 10, 2001 at 21:11:52:

just like this: "Thanks for your call Mrs Jones, I’,m sure you have a great home. I’ll be glad to drive by and make you an offer if you like, but, I have to tell you, if you are looking for a full retail cash deal on your home, I’m not going to be your man. You see, this is my business, and I have to run it like a business. I have to be able to make a profit on every home I buy. You understand that…do’nt you? On the other hand, if you need to sell immediately, I’ll be happy to come over to see if we can work out a solution to your problem, and get that house off your hands. STOP…BE QUIET…SHUT UP…DO’NT SAY ANYTHING ELSE…THE BALLS IN THEIR COURT NOW…They will do one of two things. A. Thank you for your time and hang up or B. Tell you they need to sell quickly and set up an apointment…BINGO!