Getting home back - Posted by Nancy

Posted by Nancy on October 04, 2000 at 11:04:34:

I filed bankruptcy in NC (turns out I didn’t need to) and there was fraud connected with the attorney and trustee taking all of my assets. My lawyer resigned.
When I proved it, the house was given back to me $4000 in
arrears. The trustee took all of my money and income
while I was in CA recovering from cancer and death of husband. I couldn’t get home or make up the arrears.

The house was overpriced by $30,000 to manipulate assets.
I checked other cases and found more graft. This is widespread. The house, vacant for two years and broken
into by the trustee’s associates, is deteriorating badly.

The state bar refused to look at evidence. The trustee
resigned. GMAC won’t answer my calls. I need to know where
I can find the disposition of my assets. (the court won’t
put a decision on the court site).

Trustees pay fees to themselves, as their own attorney and the debtor’s lawyer. (and the creditor’s lawyer if expedient) It is not possible to get an attorney in NC, for
corruption, even if you have the money.
Anyone know where I can get information?