FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Ken

Posted by Dot Blackburn on August 26, 2004 at 18:25:23:

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FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Ken

Posted by Ken on June 23, 2004 at 08:37:56:

Good morning…

Can I sell my home and carry loan myself while continuing to pay on 1st mort? Does this need to be approved by my lender?

Re: FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Kevin on June 23, 2004 at 23:03:23:

OK, since I was rudely deleted, I won’t mention WHO I learned this from so I don’t look like I’m selling something that creonline doesn’t sell. But, since it is important information to Ken, I’ll edit it!

Should you talk to your lender? yes… Will they say yes? probably not… Can they “call” the loan due if they find out? yes… Will they?

That’s the biggest question because they’ll lose money by calling the loan due and stopping the interest accrual, assuming that you pay on time now.

I would do it and I’m not alone. Should you? weigh your options, the ups and the possible downs…

Good luck to you,
Kevin Manning

Re: FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Dean F.Thon

Posted by Dean F.Thon on June 27, 2004 at 12:53:12:

6-27-04 12:42 PM CST

Dear Ken:

I have a few questions regarding form #1003:

1.) Part 1, section 2…Agency case #…I’m your average Joe, I’d like to purchase the note of an FSBO and simultaneously flip it…I’m not sure what it’s asking ?

2.) Part 1, section 3…Lander case # ?

3.) Part 1, section 7…Amortization type…GPM ?

4.) Part 2, section 19 [LAST]…Estate will be held in: …Fee simple, Lease hold ?

5.) Part 7, section G: …PMI, MIP, Funding Fee ?

6.) Would I state that this is a simultaneous closing at the very end of the application…Continuation Sheet Residential Loan Application?

If you could answer these questions for me I’d greatly appreciate it.
Thank you. Sincerely,

Dean F. Thon

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a better one tomorrow.

Re: FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Dave

Posted by Dave on June 24, 2004 at 17:34:01:


You’re talking about Ron LeGrand, aren’t you?

Re: FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Marj Benfield

Posted by Marj Benfield on November 18, 2004 at 19:50:24:

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Re: FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Jes Cook

Posted by Jes Cook on November 15, 2004 at 21:26:48:

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Re: FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Bobby Jamie

Posted by Bobby Jamie on September 28, 2004 at 01:28:31:

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Re: FSBO & carrying loan - Posted by Florry Dickson

Posted by Florry Dickson on August 31, 2004 at 17:37:36:

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