Free GRANT money to do as I please. Any advice? - Posted by Tim

Posted by Tim on July 29, 2003 at 24:27:27:

Hello. I have never done real estate investing before,so I am looking for serious, experienced investors for some free advice (thanks in advance). However, I am a success small biz owner. They always say, “You are within 3-5 contacts of finding out what you want!” In my case, I have met a man in Jax, FL that writes grants for people starting biz, investment, etc. I am talking up into the millions. Sure, he makes money (15% of grant)but the point is, I know(somewhat) and trust this guy. I have been wanting to invest in real estate for some time and almost got into a deal to buy a cell phone tower several months ago, but didnt work out. So… with the potential of obtaining large sums of money (large being up to .5-1 million), what should I do? I do have a biz. mindset, along with motivation and persistence but not qutie sure how to make the most of this FREE money. So for the experienced investors, if you happened into a few or several hundred thousand dollars, how would you best put it to work for you??? Please keep in mind that I will have to show a realistic biz. plan and goals. I have read several real estate books and bought a couple of courses. In closing, thank you for your time and any wise advice.