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Posted by Bill_Plainfield on September 17, 2003 at 06:32:08:

I agree. Thanks for the posting.

Frank Chin - Re: Spiegel & Utrera - Posted by Brent_IL

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While browsing the legal board I came across your referral to Spiegel & Utrera, P. A. They have an office in Chicago. This is a great on-line service. State incorporation fees here are $102. Their total fees are $129.95 including the State fee. I don’t think I’ll ever stand in line to form a corporation again. Thank you, Frank, for posting. I value all of your advice.


Thanks, and the Service was Great - Posted by Frank Chin

Posted by Frank Chin on September 17, 2003 at 07:03:15:


Thanks for your comments.

Just to add I’m a satisfied customer. The basic fee in NYS is $164.95, and the state filing fee here is $160.00

I paid a little extra to have the incorporation done in 5 days, as I had to meet a deadline setting up my health insurance, and went down to their office to pick up the paperwork myself. There was a big snowstorm that day, and their office told me while chatting that the reason they charge extra is they have a van that goes up to Albany, the state capitol 3 hours away, to pick up the orignal state filing certificates, and bring them back to NYC every single day.

They got a call from the van driver there after my waiting over an hour and was told that their van was stuck in traffic in the snow storm. So they called and got a copy of the certificate from the state by fax, wrote a letter for me on their letterhead addressed “to whom it may concern” saying they are the law firm retained by me to incorporate, the copy of the filing certicate is a copy of the original, and call their office if there is a problem" etc. They said it should satisfy the bank, and I wouldn’t have to make another trip the next day in a snowstorm.

Usually banks require an orignal certifcate around here to open an account, but they accepted the letter and certificate copy from me the next morning. The certificate was later mailed to me separately.

I originally though the extra fee for fast service was a rip-off. But after seeing the effort they made for me so I can open the account, I concluded that they performed services “beyond the call of duty”

Frank Chin