Foreclosures in Florida - Posted by Leilani Miller

Posted by Carol on October 09, 1998 at 15:08:36:

Which is not Orange but Polk, the folks at the Court House have a prepared procedure info sheet concerning the auction process itself.
Also, the files on each case are reaidly accessible. They wILL NOT however, stand there and instruct you on how to determine if something
is a good deal or not … that’s not their job.

Already having a precedure, dates, phone numbers, payment terms and the files, is a good step.
No doubt someone else will direct you to materials on evaluating the deals, but check at your Clerk’s
office on a day when auctions are NOT in process and you may have better luck.
Have fun!

Foreclosures in Florida - Posted by Leilani Miller

Posted by Leilani Miller on October 09, 1998 at 10:24:28:

Has anyone had any experience obtaining foreclosure
properties in Florida (specifically, Orlando)? I
would like to know what the process is. I recently
went downtown to check it out, but I am now totally
CLUELESS and confused! The clerks there were useless
and not helpful at all. How do you interpret the lists?
What is the auction procedure? How do you participate
in the auction? I came into the tail end of an auction
which was held in the same room that housed the lists.
There was a lady at a table with stacks of folders, and
two other guys standing around. No one wanted to answer
any of my questions (competition, I guess).

If anyone can help me get started on the right track, I
would greatly appreciate it!