Foreclosure Help - Posted by Joe Kaiser

Posted by lukeNC on January 24, 2009 at 15:28:15:

You were beating the state govt at their own game and in a flagrant manner. No way that could keep going on.

The economy is taking a turn for the worse. They have no plans to cut their monstrous spending or cut taxes, therefore they must attack anyone who attempts to cut in on their money.

Tax sales are lucrative for them…then the escheated funds are theirs after 3 years? They want and need that money.

They could not have that. Therefore they went after you.

Foreclosure Help - Posted by Joe Kaiser

Posted by Joe Kaiser on January 23, 2009 at 19:03:54:

Saw the post wondering about what happened in my case with the WA State
Attorney General. Here’s the short story . . .

The AG believes it’s unfair for investors to offer help to anyone in foreclosure
unless that help is freely given. To offer help with the intention of making a
profit they deem to be “unfair and deceptive.” And no, I kid you not.

They’ve repeatedly stated it’s impossible to both help and profit, and you have
to choose one or the other. I helped, and I profited, so they sued me. Having
done 400 deals without a single complaint to either the AG or the BBB, I
assumed our track record would matter. It didn’t.

Ultimately, they were able to convince a handful of people I’d rescued, people
still in their homes, to say they didn’t understand our transaction and
believed I’d made them a loan. Completely untrue, but the AAG’s in charge
had no qualms about making stuff up to poison my relationship with them.

When you have an AG’s Office who cares nothing about the truth. Who will
look at a 400 transaction track record and say, point blank, that they’ve ALL
been scammed. Who will lie to your clients to convince them they’re victims.
Who will see 35 foreclosure rescues were everyone is still in their homes and
not see wonderful outcomes but outright fraud, then it becomes impossible
to get a fair trial.

They have unlimited funds, dozens of attorneys, automatic credibility, and are
willing to do whatever it takes to secure a victory. In the end, I had only the
truth (maybe . . . I am a foreclosure investor, after all, so I must be a bad guy)
and hoped that would be enough. It wasn’t.

It ended with them saying, “who knows what Mr. Kaiser would have done if
we hadn’t stepped in to sue him?” The suggestion was I’d have stolen all their
homes if they had not. In reality, we’d been doing these deals for years and
years before the AG got involved, and no one we rescued ever, and I do mean
ever, lost a nickel of their equity.

I stand by every deal I did, and anyone with any degree of objectivity would
look at our results and marvel at what we’d accomplished for all concerned.
Others, having no objectivity, having a political agenda, and having no regard
for the truth . . . they see only scams.


Re: Foreclosure Help- thanks Joe - Posted by Jack E

Posted by Jack E on January 26, 2009 at 14:05:24:

This explains a lot that I have never seen before. One question. What did they mean by help? Did you not advise them up front that there would be a fee for this service?

Re: Foreclosure Help - Posted by Ken-Orlando

Posted by Ken-Orlando on January 25, 2009 at 16:49:58:


I want to thank you because I have learned so much good information from you. You are one of my mentors and I own most of your courses.

You have gone through a very tough ordeal, so I am trying to come up with strategy to avoid having this happen to me but where I can still make high returns on my investments.

Do you think that if you had kept a much lower profile you would not have been prosecuted?

If an investor went to great lengths to be more invisible by using multiple entities-such as out of State LLC’s and Corporations, and in State Trusts-to profit from the overage at Foreclosure and Tax Sales and to invest in other Real Estate deals and there is no case law or statute prohibiting any of those transactions, the investors risk of being targeted by the AG would be very small as compared to doing say a hundred transactions under a couple of entities?