Florida MH License - Posted by Tampa Dave

Posted by Ernest Tew on March 01, 2003 at 12:30:55:

It doesn’t appear that the state is very concerned about enforcing the mobile home license law unless someone files a complaint, at which time they are required to look into it. In practice, you may find it safe to buy and sell a few mobile homes before getting a license, provided you keep a low profile.

The people who would be most likely to complain would be an unhappy customer or a local street dealer who sees you as unfair competition.

While the law isn’t clear, you may be able to avoid getting a license by entering into a net lease with customers for the homes you buy. You could then have a separate (and unrecorded) option agreement. (If you need the forms, please e-mail your request to me.)

Florida MH License - Posted by Tampa Dave

Posted by Tampa Dave on February 28, 2003 at 20:40:05:

I’m looking for ideas / help in getting a used MH license. I want to do Lonnie-like deals, but I?m not licensed. I’d prefer to get the license outright, but I’m also willing to team up to work under another’s license. I live in the outskirts of Tampa, and I have a good knowledge of the parks in the area. So please reply with any ideas.

Re: Florida MH License - Posted by tony

Posted by tony on March 09, 2003 at 15:15:54:

we are currently looking to expand our territory & have openings for sales people ( commission splits negotiable) mobile homes usa of fla,inc. office located in plant city,fla