FLEAS....FLEAS....FLEAS..... - Posted by Wilton

Posted by Ralph-FL on July 23, 2000 at 11:59:24:

Good advice Tim. I sprayed the front/back yard when I had my flea problem but forgot to include that in my last post. I think it solved my mole cricket problem as well. You can buy bug killer (Ortho,Decon) that comes with a sprayer that connects to your hose from any local Lowes or Home depot. And yes, absolutely turn off all appliances/furnace and water heater. You don’t want to set the house on fire over some fleas.


FLEAS…FLEAS…FLEAS… - Posted by Wilton

Posted by Wilton on July 22, 2000 at 13:17:44:

Well, I bought one and it is UGLY… and needs much…but the worst is FLEAS. inside and outside…Will have to gut
the house for other reasons,Large dumpster etc…
Wanted to spray for the fleas 2 or 3 days before starting on cleanup,then spray again after dumpster leaves…
No sure best method of treatment…any help appreciated.
This is not a small area. …BIG PROBLEM… Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance…Wilton

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Posted by Tim Jensen on July 23, 2000 at 11:15:13:


Do not forget to go and spray the yard. The fleas will not go away if you do not spray the whole yard with insect spray.

I would go to a local home improvement store and buy the yard bug spray that you connect to a garden hose. Then just go over the whole yard.

For the inside I would use bombs, Raid is good. Bomb the place at least 2 times. Also make sure you shut off the furnace, water heater, and stove. You do not want a fire. The bug bombs spray is flamable

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Posted by Laure on July 23, 2000 at 08:21:11:

I’ve still got marks from them little buggers on my ankles. I used raid.

Laure :slight_smile:

Re: FLEAS…FLEAS…FLEAS… - Posted by Barbara–FL

Posted by Barbara–FL on July 23, 2000 at 24:28:12:

Raid for fleas in the purple can–has to be the one in the purple can. It will not only kill the fleas today but kills the eggs and is really good at doing so!! Buy a few cans it is the best!

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Posted by Shawn on July 22, 2000 at 17:01:37:

I had a house with tons of fleas also I got the Raid bombs. I also sprayed in vents and corners with some comercial bug killer from the Home Depot. While going around I had on three pairs of long socks. These bugs are small enough to bourough thru any fabric pants and socks. I only got bitten once after I dresses this way and that is because fleas can jump pretty high.

Try Cynoff® WP - Posted by Jim Kennedy - Houston, TX

Posted by Jim Kennedy - Houston, TX on July 22, 2000 at 16:24:50:


Read the thread that starts at:


Hope this helps.

Best of Success!!

Jim Kennedy,
Houston, TX

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Posted by Ralph-FL on July 22, 2000 at 15:33:25:

I had the same problem with my house a couple of months ago. Went to Philadelphia for a week to see my sister and placed my black lab “Sweetie” (don’t laugh, my son named her) into a kennel. When we came home we had hundreds of hungry fleas jumping on us and wanting nothing better than to get a good meal out of us. My daughter was bitten 20 times in a matter of a minute or so. You see when everyone left (especially the dog), the fleas had no one to snack on for a week. We never knew we had fleas until that time. I went to Home Depot and and bought twice the normal amount of aerosol bug bombs than I really needed for my sq ft, and bombed the hell out of them. And you know what?? Some of the little critters survived. Must have had gas masks on or something…LOL. So I bombed again and washed the dog again with flea shampoo and put frontline on her. That second bombing seemed to do the trick. If you bomb twice and it still does not take care of the problem then you might want to consider having the house tented by professionals.

Take Care and Good Investing


Itchy…Itchy…Itchy - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on July 22, 2000 at 14:59:45:


If you have to go into this place to walk around definately use rubber bands around your pant legs near the ankles so the critters don’t go up yer legs. Spray repellent to cover your pants should also help.

I don’t know the best treatment for the property-I just wanted to mention the things above to save some itching for you.


Is this one of those huts you see on National Geographic? - Posted by Brad D (MI)

Posted by Brad D (MI) on July 22, 2000 at 14:13:23:

Where’t the house? In the African Jungle! How much did you pay for this joint? What work does it need? What are the comps?

Just wondering…


ALSO don’t forget to empty the vacuum clnr. bag … - Posted by SusanL.–FL

Posted by SusanL.–FL on July 24, 2000 at 14:45:09:

…after you bomb and vacuum the floors. If ya don’t those little buggers will hatch in the bag … and the cycle is repeated all over again.