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Posted by Jenn-Fla on September 28, 2000 at 08:15:16:

I am also in Florida and can attest to the fact that licensure is needed and is quite onerous. My contact with the DMV office that regulates licensure told me that three per year would be the limit before licensure was needed, however, the law as written says only one! I’m not entirely sure how to rectify the discrepancy, other than to say get the license if you’re going to do this.

The licensure procedure requires that you have minimum 100 s.f. of office space with ample parking, a surety bond of $25,000, and a required one-day class held in various locations on different dates. The total cost to license yourself (not including the bond cost) is roughly $400.

You MUST get Ernest Tew’s material “How to Get Rich Helping Others” as he is in the state of Florida and has written much information that will assist you in dealing in Mobile Home financing to your maximum profit potential. Don’t worry, you didn’t waste your money on Lonnie’s materials!! They are absolutely essential to understand the bare bones of doing this business… Ernest’s material will build on that knowledge that you’ve already gained. Both are well worth every dime that you spent by saving you hundreds, if not thousands, in costly mistakes!

For additional information on licensure, you will need to contact the DMV office in Palmetto, Florida. I understand you can also find statutes online, but don’t know how to do that myself.

Good luck.


FL Info - Posted by Brian

Posted by Brian on September 27, 2000 at 16:23:11:

I’ve just completed both of Lonnie’s books. Does anybody know of the regulations in FL for doing MH deals? Is a dealers license needed? A quick check of the Tampa area papers show a few possible deals. Has anybody had any luck doing Lonnie Deals in the Tampa area. I’ve talked to a couple people at my real estate investors club and nobody has heard of this method (but, that doesn’t mean anything). I also own a duplex that sits on approximately 2 acres of land and might look into turning the back part of the property into a small MH park, maybe 10/12 MHs. (After taking care of any zoning problems, that is.) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brian

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Posted by Azul on September 29, 2000 at 08:07:21:

Hey Brian. Welcome. I am in Palm Beach County FL. Get the licence it helps when a park has abandoned homes (without title) which they want you to take. You can help them get titles and take the units.